Work Boots for Electricians: A Review of the SuperSole 2.0


Here’s our guide to the best three work boots for electricians in 2022.

SuperSole 2.0, 8-inch Boot by Red Wing (#2412)


  • Fully waterproof leather upper (Gore-Tex)
  • Supple interior sole
  • Outer sole that is both chemical and puncture resistance
  • Insulation of 400 grams (3M Thinsulate)
  • Rating for Electrical Hazard
  • Metal Toe
  • Metal Shank
  • Extended Sizes and Widths are available.
  • Offered in custom fit (order one pair in 2 sizes)
  • Re-soling is offered if necessary.


  • Pricey
  • No clothing concealing the safety toes

Founded in 1905 and currently with its headquarters in Red Wing, Minnesota, Red Wind Shoes is a household name in the United States. Over 1.2 million pairs of shoes are produced there each year.

Electricians love the Red Wing brand of work boots. The comfort and quality are excellent. Yes, you will have to pay additional money. However, in my opinion, the comfort and longevity make this purchase a no-brainer.

Personally, I like to invest money upfront in a good set of boots that keep me dry and cozy. Running back to the store every three to four months because I bought a cheap pair is a false economy. Plus, I’m not convinced that buying cheaper shoes really saves me any money over a long-term basis.

Made from urethane in two densities. The outer layer offers excellent oil, chemical, and gas resistance in addition to strong abrasion resistance. Low-density inner core provides cushioning support.And for that reason, it is called 2.0!

Made in Red Wing, Minnesota, these boots are constructed from a premium leather. It is challenging to match their quality and longevity.

Sizes aplenty: The 2.0 is available in widths A-H and sizes 7–15.

Protected: Keep Warm

Electricians love the Red Wing Super Sole 8-inch Work Boot. It’s great that there are insulated and non-insulated options. The 400 grams of Thinsulate 3M insulation will be ideal for your needs if you frequently work in chilly environments. If not, choose the uninsulated (style 2414), which keeps all other characteristics and advantages.

Are you working as an electrician?

Finding the right insurance policy that meets your needs can be a minefield when it comes to insurance for electricians. Having the appropriate insurance coverage can be very important because it may need to protect you from liabilities, such as public responsibility, in the event you have an accident while working in a client’s house. It is usually a good idea to look for specialised coverage for electricians because this frequently offers further advantages like tool coverage, EICR/PAT testing coverage, and working at heights. The most important item to check is if a policy offers enough coverage for your business needs in the event of a claim.

Watertight: Remain Dry

In my opinion, waterproof boots are a need. I want to be ready at all times because I never know what a day will hold. With these full-grain leather uppers with a Gore-tex membrane, you’ll be ready for anything the weather throws at you. For further peace of mind, I always use my own waterproofing product.

Steel toe and fibreglass shank for protection: Keep your toes protected against large falling objects. These Red Wing Super Sole boots comply with current safety regulations thanks to protective steel reinforcement in the toe area.

Between the heel and the balls of your feet on the bottom of your foot is a fibreglass shank that provides support and comfort for your arches. Additionally, it provides safety and reduces the risk of you being injured as a result of standing on any sharp items.

Additionally, a Swen-Flex insole provides maximum protection without metal and puncture resistance.


The first area of interest is abrasion resistance. I’m one of those individuals that occasionally shuffles my feet. My soles can get ruined relatively quickly because of this. Red Wing offers one of the best abrasion resistanceon the market.

As previously indicated, these boots also come with premium chemical and grease resistance. Additionally, the Super Soles provide heat and slide resistance.

Electrical Risk: These boots come with an electrical hazard rating of EH. As such, they are non-conductive, preventing you from creating an electrical circuit that goes all the way to the earth.

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) has rated and tested these boots for electrical shock resistance.

Red Wing Differences

If you’re interested in these boots, the best approach is to purchase them directly from a Red Wing Dealer. Work boots that protect your feet for more than eight hours a day, six days a week, should be custom-fit. A further advantage of buying directly from the dealer is that when you buy from a Red Wing shop, you can get as many free cleanings and conditionings of your boots as you want. There is nothing better than regularly cleaning and conditioning leather boots to extend their lifespan.

A limited supply of Red Wing work boots isalso available from Amazon.

It’s worth noting that Red Wing offers resoling services. Resoling your boots will cost significantly less than purchasing a new pair. However, I generally find that my entire boot needs replacing by the time I need new soles.

There are roughly 230 work boots available from Red Wing. Many are excellent for electricians.The thinner, 6-inch boots are a fantastic alternative as well.


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